Costanza was born in Mendoza, Argentina. Devoted to painting since the age of ten, she studied Fine Arts in Buenos Aires before settling in Miami in 1992 and moving to New York City in 2009.

After a 40-year artistic journey infused with spirituality and inner devotion, Costanza has developed a style characterized by pure feeling, expressed through geometric abstraction.

Costanza avoids commonplace grid patterns in favor of infinite curves and converging planes that often exceed the boundaries of the canvas. Her color palette is vibrant, primary and compelling.

Her works are held in numerous private and public collections in Europe, Latin America, and the United States.

Miriam Costanza lives and works in New York City.


“For as long as I can remember I have been painting. I began applying pigment to paper and canvas at the age of ten, in my native Argentine province of Mendoza. Having spent my early years roaming around my father’s workshop–who was an accomplished designer and builder of Formula 2 race cars– I absorbed the rawness and simplicity of calculated order, aerodynamics, and discipline. Fast cars and the optimal line (apex) became part of my daily visuals.
Fast forward a few years to arriving in New York City, I am automatically hit and imbued with the architectonic lines and shapes of churches and cathedrals. It was here that all my visual inspirations came together with a strong spiritual devotion and escalated my direction as an artist and human being.
The skillful transfer of inner feeling to flat surface by way of hand, brush, paint, bring order, discipline, and simplicity to a world that is far from...is deeply fulfilling. The resulting works become healing and guiding icons for awareness and comprehension of my life experience.”

–Miriam Costanza